Innovative Solutions for Drug Manufacturing

We take pride in helping provide innovative, creative solutions for our clients’ pharmaceutical manufacturing challenges.  This includes small, boutique solutions like condo suites, which function like an extension of our clients’ company within our facility’s walls.  But our innovative solutions also include fully flexible manufacturing solutions for all types of small molecule (API) or large molecule (biologics and steriles) projects.

  • Flexible Manufacturing – We offer truly flexible manufacturing, a variety of customizable manufacturing options, augmented by scalable capacity solutions that allow customers to increase and decrease capacity as necessary. These flexible solutions, along with our uniquely consultative approach, enable each client to find the ideal way to meet their specific challenges.
  • Flexible Biomanufacturing – Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Flexible Biomanufacturing Solutions help biopharmaceutical companies manage these challenges and resulting risks. We combine expertise in development and manufacturing with advanced technological capabilities, innovative approaches and business models to overcome development hurdles and speed-to-market.
  • Patheon OneSource™ – Patheon OneSource™ delivers a streamlined drug development program, all the way through to clinical and commercial manufacturing. Designed specifically for small and emerging companies, this program combines your drug substance and drug product development and clinical manufacturing into a single solution to accelerate your discovery to proof of concept, saving you an average of 14-20 weeks of development time, and getting your molecule to approval and commercial manufacturing quicker.
  • Continuous Manufacturing – With continuous manufacturing, API and exipient materials are moved non-stop through an integrated equipment train, eliminating hold times between processing steps and essentially eliminating the idea of “batch” manufacturing. Ultimately, this provides a smoother, more controlled experience for commercial manufacturing of tablets and OSD products.

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