Commercial Batch Manufacturing for Regulatory Success

Thermo Fisher Scientific manufactures more than 700 products and works with clients in more than 70 countries—and we developed or manufactured 27 of the top 100 selling drugs in 2015. *  

Oral Solid Dose Manufacturing Capabilities

Conventional OSD manufacturing capabilities include:

Specialized manufacturing capabilities include:

Packaging Options

We have capabilities for high-capacity cGMP primary and secondary packaging for oral solid dosage forms for both long-term and short-term needs. We can deliver a finished product approved for distribution around the world, and do so for multiple markets from a single batch. Plus you’ll have access to expert guidance in stability, safety and USP testing, as well as component specification. Thermo Fisher Scientific offers you a flexible and efficient alternative to working with multiple, specialized vendors. With the same level of expertise and quality, you can directly align your packaging with product manufacturing to streamline your supply chain. We can help you generate even more efficiency and speed to market by also tying in the development and manufacture of your small or large molecule drug substance. *Source: Development and commercial client list 2014; EvaluatePharma ® WW Prescription (Rx) 2012 sales data.

Download our Oral Solid Dose (OSD) Dosage Form Brochure.

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