Innovative Solutions for Drug Development

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we’re known for helping our clients solve difficult solubility and formulation development challenges.  Below are just a few of our innovative solutions for small and large molecule drug development.

  • Quick to Clinic™ – In as little as 14 weeks from receiving your API, you can have your Phase I product manufactured, labelled, packaged and delivered to the clinic. That’s up to 1 month faster than most standard timelines.
  • Quadrant 2® (Predictive Modeling) – Using your compound’s individualized data, Quadrant 2® can predict the most promising solubility enhancement technology and excipient combination to meet your clinical and business objectives, at the earliest stages of development.
  • Quick to Care™ – Quick to Care™ delivers a streamlined drug development program, designed specifically for small and emerging companies. This program combines your drug substance and drug product development and clinical manufacturing into a single solution to accelerate your discovery to proof of concept, saving you an average of 14-20 weeks of development time.
  • Continuous Manufacturing – With continuous manufacturing, API and exipient materials are moved non-stop through an integrated equipment train, eliminating hold times between processing steps and essentially eliminating the idea of “batch” manufacturing.

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