Quick to Care™ Program: Integrated Drug Development and Clinical Services Made to Fit Your Journey

The path through drug development is marked by detours, roadblocks and very few shortcuts. At times you may feel that you’re the only person keeping your molecule on its critical path. Unexpected delays can lead to missed milestones, rework and delayed timelines—all setbacks that no one wants to explain to their investors.

Our Quick to Care™ solution delivers a streamlined drug development program, designed for companies of all sizes. This program combines your drug substance and drug product development, clinical manufacturing, forecasting, demand planning and clinical trial supply execution into a single solution to accelerate your discovery through clinical development.

Proven End-to-End Capabilities with Dedicated Program Managers

Whether you work with us on drug product and clinical trial manufacturing or all the way from drug substance to clinical supply optimization, our subject matter experts bring deep experience in their specialties and operate as a connected, accessible team to solve your challenges faster. Patheon’s integrated offering combines proven end-to-end capabilities with dedicated program managers who treat your drug as if it’s their own.

The Quick to Care™ program puts an expert global network to work to reduce your timeline and get you to clinic sooner. We’re committed to simplifying and accelerating the development process, allowing you to be free to build your pipeline rather than coordinating multiple vendors. If a problem arises, Thermo Fisher Scientific is transparent about collaborating with you to solve it quickly and mitigate your risk.

Our Results?

Companies using Patheon’s Quick to Care program have developed their small molecule candidates an average of 8–12 weeks faster, and large molecules an average of 14–20 weeks faster than the industry standard.

Our clients have reduced their drug development timelines by an average of 14 weeks, which translates to a total net gain of approximately $44M, as reported by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development.

Position Your Molecule for Greater Success

By working with Patheon within Thermo Fisher Scientific, you position your molecule for greater therapeutic and financial success because it has been formulated with scale-up in mind.

These savings are driven by our experience guiding new and emerging clients through each phase of drug development. In 2019, 74% of our new business in PDS came from new and emerging clients. We had 238 drug development projects in 2019 alone, including 96 Phase I projects, 72 Phase II projects and 70 Phase III projects. We are the leading partner for outsourced NDA launches, with 109 NDA approvals in the last decade—that’s more than the number from the next 3 ranking CDMOs.

We’re with You Every Step of the Way

Whether your goal is out-licensing at Phase IIb or taking your molecule to full commercialization, your team at Thermo Fisher is with you every step of the way. Your Quick to Care™ program is an extension of your team, providing unified program management, scientific and technical insight, and reduction of redundancies. We have one shared commitment: your drug development success.

Contact us to find out if our Quick to Care™ solution is the right fit for your next project.

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