Quick to Clinic™

The pressure to file an IND makes accelerated Phase I safety testing a priority. Our novel Quick to Clinic programs for small and large molecules deliver your small and large molecule with speed.

Now you can meet important milestones—such as filing the IND—or secure additional funding with all the confidence your project needs and, we can supply.

Because helping you reduce the time it takes to get your discovery to the patients who need it matters, our Quick to Clinic for programs are made with speed and flexibility.

Small Molecule & Oral Solid Dose Quick to Clinic™ Program

In as little as 14 weeks from receiving your small molecule API, you can have your Phase I drug product manufactured, labelled, packaged and delivered to the clinic. That’s 1 month faster than most standard timelines, and includes a one-month stability study.

Plus, you now have access to five dosage forms:

Benefits of our Small Molecule & Oral Solid Dose Quick to Clinic™ Program

Large Molecule Quick to Clinic™ Program

In as little as 14 months, you can have your released biologic drug product ready for your Phase I, First-in-Human trial.  That’s six months faster than most standard timelines and includes a minimum of one month of stability data.  

This innovative program for biologic molecules provides you with:

Benefits of our Large Molecule Quick to Clinic™ Program

Nobody can get you to Phase I clinical trials faster with more dosage forms, higher quality and a drug product with more built-in value than Patheon, by Thermo Fisher Scientific. 

Contact us today to find out if your project is right for our Quick to Clinic™ Program.

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