Gain Access to High Quality Clinical Trial Materials

We provide high-quality clinical trial materials to support your pursuit of regulatory approval, offering fit-for-purpose formulations for Phase I and IIa studies, and a comprehensive range of finished dosage forms for Phase IIb and III studies. We have years of experience and an inspection record that is second to none. The reliability of our quality is further proven by our exceptional Right First Time/On-Time delivery track record.

Partner with Patheon, by Thermo Fisher Scientific, for your clinical batch manufacturing needs. With speed, flexibility and a full range of services, we will be responsive to your changing requirements and evolving needs as your project progresses through clinical trials.

Our expertise encompasses:

Clinical trial material manufacturing is only one of our fully integrated pharmaceutical development services. Our facilities are designed with a commonality of equipment from clinical batch to commercial for seamless scale up. The Patheon Quick to Care™ program aligns development of your drug substance and drug product for the most efficient path to market, solving bioavailability challenges and potentially taking months off your development timeline, and Quick to Clinic™ can accelerate your molecule to first-in-human studies in as little as 14 weeks.

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