Oral Solid Dose (OSD) Dosage Forms

With extensive experience, we understand the unique challenges of developing oral solid dose products. We offer a broad range of capabilities to address the specific needs of your small molecule (API) drug product, including:

  • Compressed tablets
  • Powder filled capsules
  • Softgel technologies
  • Bilayer/trilayer tablets
  • Beads/mini-tablets
  • Powders, granules and coated beads
  • Fast dispersible tablets
  • Immediate and modified release profiles
  • Patient-centric dosage forms for pediatric, adult or geriatric populations

We bring 40+ years of experience to your project, providing access to a remarkable range of conventional and specialized oral solid dosage form capabilities and scale. Partner with us to further expand your options with innovative combinations of these dosage forms and a variety of controlled release technologies. We’ll work with you to execute all these choices with expansive scientific resources, expertise in complex formulations such as solubility enhancement, and capabilities for highly potent compounds and controlled substances. The result is an ability to rapidly develop successful formulations for even the most complex APIs.

Flexibility, speed, expertise, and experience are needed to advance your oral solid drug products from the preclinical phase to approval. Let us help you transform your discovery into a drug product with the best chance for approval by leveraging:

  • Flexible approaches to maximize speed and reduce cost
  • Formulation and process development expertise
  • Experience in optimizing for cost and quality
  • Proven technology transfer experience
  • Scalability to commercial manufacturing

Learn more about oral solid dose forms in our recorded webinar, “Trends and Challenges in Outsourced Oral Solid Dosage Forms” presented by Anil Kane, Ph.D.

Download our Solid & Sterile Dose Form Brochure.