Broad, Proven Preformulation and Analytic Capabilities

Working with the drug development experts at Patheon, by Thermo Fisher Scientific, on early phase preformulation studies opens the door to a partnership that can take you all the way to commercial supply. Fully integrated services that deliver speed, flexibility and a streamlined supply chain. With us, you’ll have one partner, one team, and one seamless solution customized to your needs. We give you access to a broad, proven range of formulation and analytic capabilities to take your molecule from Pre-clinical to Phase I clinical studies and beyond. Each of our development and manufacturing sites has cGMP labs staffed by highly experienced scientific teams.

Small Molecule OSD Preformulation Capabilities

Our oral solid dose preformulation capabilities include:

  • Chemical purity analysis
  • Physicochemical properties
  • Solid form definition and analysis
  • Excipient compatibility testing
  • Amorphous vs. crystalline solid-state testing
  • Aqueous and solvent solubility
  • Solution and solid-state stability
  • Vehicle screening for ADME and toxicology

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