Achieve Speed, Efficiency and Scale in Process Development

The journey from early stage proof-of-concept through Phase IIb/III clinical trials and ultimately to commercialization is long, complex, and costly. However, there are people who understand your molecule and the road ahead. They know speed is critical, that risk must be managed at every stage, and that each challenge must be overcome before it becomes a problem. These people are the scientists, engineers and professionals of Patheon, by Thermo Fisher Scientific, who apply a science-driven, risk-based approach to every stage and phase of the development process. They draw on years of experience, and will partner with you from the earliest stages of formulation development. In this way, we can maximize the potential for early approval success while ensuring your manufacturing processes are scalable all the way to commercialization. We believe this is the best way to make certain your discovery lives up to its promise for the people who need it most.

Work with us to build quality and robust repeatability into your manufacturing process. We can partner with you starting during early phases, and accelerating through later phases and into commercial production upon approval. Our capabilities span the full breadth and depth of the pharmaceutical development life cycle, and are backed by experience with thousands of projects. We understand your process needs to succeed today and tomorrow. With us, you’ll get a process that is reliable, efficient and built to deliver repeatable quality.

Do you know the six API challenges that could be slowing your development and how to avoid them? Read our whitepaper.

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