The Journey from Molecule to Medicine

It all starts with your discovery. A molecule, small or large, that needs a partner. Let Patheon be that partner.

Solubility Center of Excellence in Bend, Oregon

Discover Thermo Fisher Scientific’s early development site in Bend, Oregon, featuring proven expertise in solving solubility challenges for clients.

Single-Use Technology for Biologics Manufacturing in St. Louis, Missouri

Learn about Thermo Fisher Scientific’s expansion of its biologics site in St. Louis, Missouri. The facility will be the single largest single-use technology CDMO in the United States.

Meet the API Drug Substance Team at Patheon’s Florence, SC (East) Site

Meet the people who work with our clients at our API development and manufacturing site in Florence, South Carolina. Florence East is Patheon’s new, state-of-the-art API manufacturing facility that works on molecules from preclinical through commercialization. The team at Florence East works with batches of all sizes, from 10 kg demo runs in the pilot plant to metric tons in the commercialization facility – all at the same site.

Sterile Vial and Prefilled Syringe Fill-finish in Monza, Italy

Take a look inside Thermo Fisher Scientific’s sterile fill-finish manufacturing site in Monza, Italy. The site currently manufactures commercial supply, but has recently invested $50 million in sterile drug development capabilities.

Collaboration and knowledge transfer equals success for patients.

Collaboration is an important part of our culture at Thermo Fisher Scientific and it starts with our people. Emily and Jessica are a great example of how a mentor relationship facilitates the transfer of critical knowledge to achieve long-term results. This information sharing allows us to get product into the hands of our clients faster, resulting in patients receiving their medications sooner.

Our formulation of heart and science is the key to our success.

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, everything we do is made with the right balance of heart and science. Find out how Angie and our Fisher Clinical Services team went above and beyond to overcome tough obstacles in order to ensure thousands of patients around the globe received life-saving medications.

How embracing flexibility creates success for all.

Learn how Whitney took on the challenge of creating more flexibility within existing rigid processes to better meet the needs of her client. Together, they came up with a solution to optimize critical paths forward to expedite getting life-saving therapies to the patients who need them.

Going the extra mile is part of our DNA.

The stakes were high for a client who needed material for a novel drug to in order to proceed to clinical trial. With millions of dollars on the line, Jeff’s team had one shot to develop a process to scale up or risk failing the batch. They took critical steps forward to de-risk the process and solve the problem. Helping our clients hit their next milestone is why we go to work every day.

The “eureka moment” that helped a small company make a big impact.

Tony and the team at Thermo Fisher Scientific understand the needs of small and emerging companies. They come to us to take advantage of our experience, expertise and global network. When every dollar counts and everything is on the line, companies put their trust in our experts to provide a solution. Tony’s “eureka moment” helped this small company make a big impact.

One Bottle of Hope for one Amazing Kid

Meet Gavin and his mom, Nicole. Learn how Gavin’s battle with a brain tumor led him to the bottle of hope that allowed him to be a kid again. His courage and refusal to give up proved that not even a brain tumor can hold him back from his big plans for the future.

Monza, Italy & Basel, Switzerland: Site Tour

The combination of Fisher Clinical services with Patheon manufacturing brings an entirely new level of customer service to the pharmaceutical industry. Watch this video to see the clinical supply chain in action, between Patheon in Monza, Italy and Fisher Clinical in Basel, Switzerland.

Continuous Manufacturing in Patheon’s Greenville, NC Site

We are the first CDMO to build and manufacturing client product on a continuous manufacturing line. The suite, located at the site in Greenville, NC, is custom built to utilize the best equipment available. The cutting-edge process allows materials to flow through several small-unit operations without stopping. The result? Lower costs, reduced interbatch variability, and tighter process control.

API to Clinical Trial Distribution: The Value of Patheon’s Integrated Offering

From preclinical to clinical trial distribution to commercial manufacturing, we can help you through the entire process.

Benefits of Working with Patheon Softgels

Kaspar van den Dries, Ph.D. discusses the benefits of working with Patheon for your softgels project.

Patheon’s Softgel Expertise

Learn more about the Softgel expertise at Patheon, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Advantages of Softgel Solutions for Developers

Kaspar van den Dries, Ph.D. discusses the many advantages for drug developers who choose Softgels.

Advantages of Softgel Technologies, with Tony van Bijleveld

Tony van Bijleveld, Head of Softgels Business Unit discusses the benefits of the recent Thermo Fisher Scientific acquisition, as well as Softgel expertise & technology to enable innovative customer solutions for patients.

Swindon, UK Site Tour

Learn more about the capabilities and expertise at our Swindon, UK site.

How can pharma companies save up to $45M in early drug development?

Patheon’s Jennifer Therrien discusses findings of a Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD) study that reveals how pharmaceutical companies using a single-source outsourcing partner can achieve a net gain of $45 million in early drug development.

You Inspire Us Every Day

Michel Lagarde, President of Pharma Services, Thermo Fisher Scientific, discusses why Pharma Services employees are so passionate about partnering with small and emerging biopharma clients.

Fisher Clinical Services & Patheon: Better Together

Leon Wyszkowski, President of the Clinical Trials Division of Thermo Fisher Scientific, discusses the value of Patheon and Fisher Clinical Services joining together to provide integrated solutions for our clients.

Chapter 1: Understanding Industry Shifts

Video Webinar with The Medicine Maker, Chapter 1: Understanding Industry Shifts

Chapter 2: Overcoming Commercial Launch Challenges

Video Webinar with The Medicine Maker, Chapter 2: Overcoming Commercial Launch Challenges

Chapter 3: Identifying Volatile Forecast Variables

Video Webinar with The Medicine Maker, Chapter 3: Identifying Volatile Forecast Variables

Chapter 4: Measuring Forecast Accuracy

Video Webinar with The Medicine Maker, Chapter 4: Measuring Forecast Accuracy

Chapter 5: Planning for Insourcing or Outsourcing

Video Webinar with The Medicine Maker, Chapter 5: Planning for Insourcing or Outsourcing

Chapter 6: Leading Industry Transformation

Video Webinar with The Medicine Maker, Chapter 6: Leading Industry Transformation