Factoring the “What Ifs” into Supply Forecasting

Why Building a Durable Supply Chain around a Protocol is Critical

Factoring the "What Ifs" into Supply Forecasting

With the pressure on to deliver new products faster and more efficiently, sponsors are facing a variety of challenges:

  • Growth of Clinical Trials: The competition is fierce. In 2018, there were 277,000+ trials registered at ClinicalTrials.gov
  • Patient Recruitment Challenges: 80% of pharma clinical trials do not meet enrollment deadlines, this can result in an average loss of 1.3 million per day per drug candidate.
  • Shorter Study Start-Up Timelines: Shorter timelines = shorter study lead times. How can you adhere to the narrower time window, while making sure you’re leaving little room for error?

Download the white paper attached and discover additional challenges as well as aspects to consider when developing a supply plan, the influence of early decisions and impact on outcome as a trial progresses, and how decisions can put patients and the trial at risk.

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