Synthesizing Success: Six Principles for Getting Pharmaceutical Development Right from the Start

The pharmaceutical industry must constantly evolve as companies race to develop the next blockbuster drug. As they face pressure to bring new drugs to market more quickly and at minimal cost, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are increasingly outsourcing various parts of the drug development and manufacturing process. Outsourcing eliminates the need to maintain expensive in-house facilities while providing access to a broad range of different technologies and expertise.

A pharmaceutical or biotechnology company looking to outsource its API production has a lot of choices. The growing desire to select one API partner to work with throughout the drug development process, and to potentially also synthesize commercial quantities, puts an increased importance on the selection process.

Fill out this form to learn six key points that pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies should keep in mind when looking to select the ideal partner to synthesize an API for them—and ensure their drug development process stays on the path to success.

Author: Staff, Chemical & Engineering News