Swindon, United Kingdom

Our Swindon, UK site is a Center of Excellence for Specialty Pharma Solutions. In conjunction with client partners, the Swindon facility focuses on specialty products in dedicated suites to meet our clients’ unique project needs. The Swindon facility offers extensive development and commercial capabilities for sterile dosage forms, including:
  • Liquid vials
  • Pre-filled syringes
  • Sterile ophthalmic drops
  • Lyophilised cephalosporin vials
  • Powder cephalosporin vials
  • DosePro™ (needle-free drug delivery system)
  Swindon’s Condominium Model To focus on specialty products in dedicated suites in partnership with our clients, the Condo approach differs from the conventional CMO offering.  Our Condominium offer provides:
  • Fully serviced GMP bespoke facilities
  • Management of novel dosage forms in conjunction with clients
  • Facility design and build expertise
  • Extensive complex Technology Transfer experience
  • Global expert support
  • Welcoming client ‘person in plant’ operation
Learn more about Swindon’s condo capabilities in this short webinar. Additionally, the Swindon, UK site features a strong regulatory inspection history from all major domestic and international regulatory agencies. Learn about the specific equipment and unique capabilities at this site by downloading our Site Fact Sheet.