Pharma Services is the recent recipient of the AAPS Best Abstract Award, which each year recognizes the most exciting research paper submitted by members. The winning abstract from our Bend site, “Spray drying processability of methacrylic acid copolymers in amorphous dispersions : A QbD approach” showcases our capabilities, expertise and experience in spray drying. In particular this paper tackles the challenges with drug/polymer amorphous dispersions to improve process efficiency for complex compounds. In addition to the Bend site’s capabilities, the Milton Park site has installed MS-35 development equipment for cGMP spray drying and the Florence (East) site has MS-400 Phase III/Commercial equipment currently manufacturing non-cGMP material for cycle development and will be fully validated for cGMP material in January. The Cork site has aqueous spray drying capabilities.

Integrating these capabilities and expertise across our network puts Pharma Services as one of the leading CDMO’s for spray drying solutions.

Please fill out the form to download “Spray Drying Processability of Methacrylic Acid Copolymers in Amorphous Dispersions: A QbD Approach.”